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My theories to Favre coming back

Posted on: August 19, 2010 6:21 am
I feel that he was coming back all along.  You don't play that well, and get that close not to come back and do it again.  All the haters say he's old, yeah but if he plays like that I'd take him even if he were 60.  That he's a selfish/attention hore. (misspelling intentional)  Need I remind you that this is almost all the media.  They blow things way out of proportion and creates non stories.  Once in a while I think he thinks it's funny to give the media a false lead and watch everyone freak out about it.  I think he really thinks the media is annoying, kinda like a guy or a girl who is too clingy and won't stop calling you.  JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!  Anyway, you already got the first idea, that he was so close, played so well, battled, and lead the team pretty much BY HIMSELF to that heartbreaker.  (Turnovers, Cheapshots/non calls, Dumb Penalties-too many men, Phantom Penalties, the forces really conspired against us, but he still nearly overcame them) 

The Second idea, this I don't think a lot of people really think about too much.  Maybe they do, but I don't see anyone say anything about it.  EVEN NUMBERS.  497 TD passes.  Come on, he wants 500, halfway to 1000, and maybe he'll end his career with 100 more tds thrown than the current #2 Marino.  69361 Passing Yards.  You know he wants 70000.  No one's ever passed for 70000 passing yards.  He would be the first to that plateau.  You don't stop at 69000 yards.  And besides Marino is in the 60000 yard category too.  285 consecutive starts.  You know he wants 300.  Another injury free season and he is there.  He's done it for 19 years, I think he can do it for one more.  Even on his death bed, he would still play to keep that streak alive.  (Honestly if we wrap up a 1st round bye I can see him ending his streak in week 17, cuz he's retiring next year regardless of what happens this season anyway, and then he's at an even 300.  301, who cares?  Besides, resting in week 17 would give his body extra time to heal for the playoffs)  19 years.  How bout 20?  20 is a nice even number, 2 full decades, awesome.  181 wins, he wants 200, but that would take 2 years, and isn't guaranteed anyway.  Besides, the Colts will never be bad, Peyton would break that anyway, that would be a waste of time.  190 something is good enough there, he's fine with being number 2 in that one.  Peyton could break some, but I doubt he'll break all, and I personally don't think he'll break half.  Why?  I think if Peyton gets high lowed like that, he's DONE!  He's an ironman, but I don't think anyone other than Favre could come back from that, in the same game, and play well no less!  (Don't talk about the int, look at everything b4 that, and besides it shoulda never came to that)

Side note, why do I think he retired all those times?  The 1st time I think he actually didn't know, the Packers screwed him over, and he was disheartened to the point where he thought about, along with all the people saying he was too old and should quit, obviously not!  The 2nd time (when he "retired" from the Jets) he didn't ever wanna be on the Jets, he always wanted to be on the Vikings after Green Bay let him go, but they wouldn't let him, so he had to pull his whole act, and then he had to wait another year and do that to the Jets because of the clause they had agreed to in picking him up from Green Bay.  (can't trade him to MN)  NOTICE HOW SINCE HE CAME TO MN HE HASN'T ACTUALLY PUBLICALLY SAID ANYTHING ABOUT RETIRING, THE MEDIA KEEPS SPECULATING TRYING TO MAKE THINGS OUT OF NOTHING BECAUSE OF THE PAST.  Once in a while they "get" or "hear" a "text from favre."  I call the media's BS and I raise them what I feel is true, posted above in this blog. 
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Posted on: August 19, 2010 6:56 pm

My theories to Favre coming back

In comparing Favre and Peyton, Peyton's also been sacked A LOT LESS, so that diminishes Peyton's ironman status slightly.  In the end even if they started the same amount of consecutive games (I don't think they will) I don't think it will measure up, unless Peyton's line falls off a cliff for the last 5-6 whatever years of his career.

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